Youth Group

Our youth group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm upstairs in the youth room.  We welcome anyone from Junior High (must be graduated from children’s church), High School and young adults.  We ask that those who stay in youth group after graduating from High School be willing to be mentors and examples to our younger group.

Everyone should feel welcome.  Cliques or kids feeling like they aren’t accepted as part of our church family is not who we want to be.

Our time in youth group is first and foremost to help youth continue developing their relationship with Jesus or introduce them to Jesus for the first time. We come to worship together and hear the word but we also like to have a great time. Our youth group kids are encouraged to bring their instruments or pick up one of our instruments to help with worship. We also try to have or attend some type of event once a month as a group and we attend at least two youth conferences annually.

We want our youth to develop a passion for being a part of the ministry and leading others to Christ.  Our prayer is not that God fills our youth group with kids but that He fills our youth group kids overflowing with His spirit.

Dino Marks, Co-Leader
Lisa Marks, Youth Director